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State Tax Commission

STC approves forms, small business exemption guide, personal property FAQs. The State Tax Commission (STC) recently approved numerous forms and FAQs:

  • The 2019 Personal Property Tax (PPT) Statement: A copy of the form, known as Form 632, is available on the STC website.
  • The updated Guide to the Small Business Taxpayer Exemption and Form 5076 for 2019: Under PA 132 of 2018, taxpayers do not have to annually file to receive the PPT exemption. Taxpayers who filed for the exemption in prior years must still file Form 5076, Small Business Property Tax Exemption Claim, in 2019 to receive the exemption. Once granted, the assessor will then continue to apply the exemption until the taxpayer files a recession indicating they no longer qualify for the exemption. Assessors can also implement an audit program to determine if taxpayers still qualify for the exemption.
  • Revised Personal Property Frequently Asked Questions: Changed to reflect the changes to the small business taxpayer exemption as part of PA 132 of 2018.

Foreclosure Timeline

State of Michigan Contacts

Michigan Tax Tribunal

Marijo Wakley
Deputy Chief Clerk
Phone: (517) 335-1302
Main: (517) 373-4400
Email: wakleym1@michigan.gov

Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis

Howard Heideman
Renaissance Zones, Millage Elections, School Finance, Homestead Property Tax Credits
Phone: (517) 373-9002
Email: heidemanh@michigan.gov

Brownfield Contacts

Darlene Van Dale
DNR -- Brownfield Tax Increment Financing
Phone: (989) 705-3453

Sarah Rainero Michigan Economic Development Corp
Brownfield Program Specialist

Phone: (517) 241-4801
Email: raineros@michigan.org

Eric Helzer
Michigan Economic Development Corp
Brownfield Program Analyst

Phone: (517) 241-5230
Email: helzere@michigan.org

Michigan Dept of Treasury

Patricia A. Simon
Deferred Special Assessments
Phone: (517) 335-0875
Email: simona@michigan.gov

Jim Mills
Accounting and Auditing Section
(TIF Capture & Audits/S.E.T. Payments)
Phone: (517) 335-4669
Email: millsj@michigan.gov

Edward Koryzno
Bureau of Local Government Services, Director
Phone: (517) 373-3305
Email: koryznoe@michigan.gov

Rodney Taylor
Community Engagement and Finance Division Administrator
Phone: (517) 373-3227
Email: taylorr23@michigan.gov

Lisa Harry
DNR PILT Payments
Phone: (517) 241-4358
Email: treasurypilt@michigan.gov

David Buick
Essential Services Assessment Division Administrator
Phone: (517) 335-3305
Email: buickd@michigan.gov

Heather S. Frick
Property Services Division Administrator
Phone: (517) 335-4410
Email: state-tax-commission@michigan.gov

Patrick Huber
Property Tax Exemptions
Phone: (517) 373-1950
Email: huberp@michigan.gov

PRE Unit
Phone: (517) 373-1950
Email: PRE-Section@michigan.gov

PRESIDENT - Cathy Lunsford, Midland County
1st VICE PRESIDENT - Andrew Kmetz, Mason County
2nd VICE PRESIDENT - Amanda Price, Ottawa County
SECRETARY - Eric Sabree, Wayne County
TREASURER - Bridget LaLonde, Presque Isle County
PAST PRESIDENT - Bob Robinson, Eaton County

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